No Relief: Hwereso’s Only Toilet Facility Shut Down

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    NTK Ventures’ only toilet facility locked, forcing residents to defecate in the street

    The sole toilet facility provided by NTK Ventures in Hwereso in the Ashanti region is currently locked, resulting in residents being compelled to engage in open defecation in the streets.

    The small farming community of Hwereso in the Ashanti region is facing a severe sanitation crisis as the only toilet facility in the area has been locked, forcing residents to resort to open defecation in the streets.

    The toilet facility, which was provided by NTK Ventures in 2021, has been serving the community for the past three years.

    However, it has been locked due to the residents’ misuse of the facility, which has turned it into a dumping ground for refuse.

    According to Hon. William Kweku Obeng, a former assembly man of the Boankra/Hwereso electoral area, the situation has become unbearable, and the community is in dire need of assistance.

    Hon. William Kweku Obeng

    “The facility has been locked for weeks, and residents are being forced to defecate in the open, which poses a significant health risk to the community,” he said.

    The facility not only provided toilet services but also served as a bathing facility and a water source for the community.

    The operators of the facility have demanded that the refuse be removed before they can resume operations.

    Hon. Obeng, together with the residents, is appealing to the Ejisu municipality and well-meaning Ghanaians to intervene and provide a waste container to help address the situation.

    The situation in Hwereso highlights the need for proper waste management and sanitation facilities in rural communities to prevent the spread of diseases and promote public health.

    Residents Urgently Need Your Help

    By: kwame Asare

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