The admiration for Dr. Bawumia in the Ashanti Region is unparalleled – Sir John.

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    The presidential candidate of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Dr. Bawumia, has temporarily suspended all other engagements to focus on an intensive three-day campaign in the party’s stronghold, the Ashanti Region.

    According to the vice chairman of Atwima Nwabiagya south constituency and the deputy National organizer for Friends of Bawumia (FoB -08), John kwame Duodu (Sir John) the visit is first of its kind.

    According to Sir John this year saw all party members, past and present, come together to support him. This display of unity within the party is a significant advantage as the party heads into the upcoming general election.

    During the three-day tour, Dr. Bawumia and his team engaged with various stakeholders in the region, including the Ashanti regional House of Chiefs, religious leaders, and professional organizations.

    The goal was to showcase Dr. Bawumia’s vision for the nation and his commitment to unlocking the country’s economic potential if elected on December 7th.

    The overwhelming enthusiasm and love shown by the people of the Ashanti region towards Dr. Bawumia were evident throughout his visit.

    A memorable moment was when members of Suame Magazine presented him with a handmade key symbolizing their support for his leadership and his ability to unlock the country’s economic potential.

    Another highlight of Dr. Bawumia’s visit was his love and support for young talents in the country, as demonstrated in a video where he danced to King Paluta’s ‘Aseda’ song, a favorite among the locals.

    This gesture, along with his humble interactions, such as bowing to an elderly lady in a wheelchair, further solidified his reputation for humility.

    Prominent figures in the region, including Otumfuo, have praised Dr. Bawumia’s leadership qualities, emphasizing his humility despite occupying the second-highest position in the land (vice president) for eight years.

    According the sir John who as double as the Ashanti regional Tescon Patron, Such endorsements speak volumes about the type of leadership Ghana can expect under Dr. Bawumia’s presidency.

    Contrary to John Mahama, who is known to have told Ashantis to be ungrateful and that even if he used gold to construct roads in the Region, the people would still be ungrateful, Dr. Bawumia’s positive remarks from influential figures in this Region speak volumes about the type of leadership Ghana will experience under his watch come January 2025 when he is sworn in as the next president of the country.

    Dr. Bawumia’s tour in the Region has been incredibly impactful in all the places and constituencies he visited.

    The traders at the Kumasi Central Market made it a joyous moment for the incoming president when they enthusiastically demonstrated that the spirit of the Party in the Ashanti Region has been revitalized by his visit.

    As he concludes his tour of the Region today, I would like to use this platform to advise the top hierarchy of the party to allow Dr. Bawumia to choose his preferred candidate for the vice presidential position without further delay and any objections from the rank and file of the Party across the country. We are all one people in the same Party, so whoever is selected to deputize His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Mahmoudu Bawumia should be accepted by all in our efforts to break the 8-year rule by a single party since 1992.

    With Dr. Bawumia at the helm of affairs of this nation, he will undoubtedly steer us to a safe landing both domestically and internationally.

    Story by Kwame Asare

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